UMBC CS 201, Spring 06
Spring '06

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CMSC 201
Programming Project Four


Out: Monday 4/17/06
Due Date: Sunday 4/30/06, before midnight

The design document for this project, design4.txt, is due: Before Midnight, Sunday 4/23/06

The Objective

The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice with recursion, strings and chars, string and char library functions, arrays of strings, allocating memory dynamically, reading files, and using command line arguments.

The Background

According to Webster's dictionary a palindrome is defined as a word or sentence that is the same whether read forward or backward, coming from the roots palin which means back and drome which means running on.

The Task

Your assignment will be to determine whether a given word, phrase or sentence is a palindrome. We will be providing a data file containing many phrases, some of which are palindromes. You will also give the user the option to look at some other statistics about each string: the number of vowels and consonants, the length of the string, and how many words each contains.

Program Requirements

Other Hints & Guarantees

Sample Run

Here is a link to the sample output of this program.

Submitting the Program

To submit your program, type the following command at the Unix prompt

submit cs201 Proj4 followed by the .c and .h files necessary for compilation

To verify that your project was submitted, you can execute the following command at the Unix prompt. It will show all files that you submitted in a format similar to the Unix 'ls' command.

submitls cs201 Proj4

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