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Programming Project Zero

Out: Wednesday, 2/13/02
Due: Before midnight, Wed, 2/20/02

The Objective

To make sure each of you can submit a project using the submit program. This is not simply a test of whether you can follow the directions for submitting projects, but also to make sure that the course staff has made an area available to each of you, individually, to hold your project files.

An Explanation

You will be submitting all of your projects using the submit program. For Project 0, it doesn't matter what you submit, so to save space, you will create an empty file and submit it.

The Task

At the Unix prompt, give the following two commands:

touch proj0.c
submit cs201 Proj0 proj0.c

The command touch proj0.c creates an empty file called proj0.c. The submit command has four parts. The word submit, followed by the class, followed by the name of the project (note uppercase P), followed by the name(s) of the file(s) to be submitted.

After entering these commands, you should get a confirmation that submit worked okay. Specifically, the confirmation will say:
Submitting proj0.c...OK

If not, send your lecturer email ( or about the problem. In this email, please show exactly what you typed in and the exact message that was displayed. We'll be able to fix submit problems quickly.

You can check your submission by entering submitls cs201 Proj0
You should see the name of the file that you just submitted, in this case, proj0.c

Just the Facts

Although this project carries 0 points and does not count toward your grade, you must do this project. If you do not do the project, you will get no mercy if you cannot submit future projects.

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