Homeworks and projects are due at 8:59:59 PM sharp on the due date (Friday unless noted). There will be no late work accepted. Extensions will be granted only for exceptional circumstances, and should be requested in advance when possible -- see the FAQ for details.

Homeworks and projects will be accessible only through Blackboard until after their due date.

All homeworks and projects must follow the course's Coding Standards.

Assignment Topic Date Out Date Due Assignment Type
Homework 0 Submitting September 4 September 9 Collaboration Allowed
Homework 1 Pseudocode to Code September 7th September 14th Collaboration Allowed
Homework 2 Decisions September 14th September 22nd Individual Work
Homework 3 While Loops September 21st September 28th Collaboration Allowed
Homework 4 Lists (and More) September 28th October 5th Individual Work
Homework 5 Lists and Strings October 7th October 12th Collaboration Allowed
Project 1 Text Adventure October 13th October 22nd (design)
October 29th (project)
Individual Work
Project 2 Connect Four October 27th November 2nd (design)
November 9th (project)
Individual Work
Homework 6 Recursion November 9th November 16th Collaboration Allowed
Project 3 Sudoku November 24th November 30th (design)
December 7th (project)
Individual Work

Note: Some due dates above were altered over the course of the semester.