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Programming Project Three
Engineering Change Notice



Date: 3 November 2005

Author: Sue Evans,

The following are GUARANTEES ABOUT INPUT for project 3:

  • Input from the data file :
    • There will be exactly 5 sections and they will be named :
      0101, 0102, 0103, 0104, and 0201H and nothing else.
    • There will be exactly 4 classes and their values will be :
      FR, SO, JR, and SR and nothing else.
  • Input from the user :
    • If the user is asked to enter a single character, then the grader will enter a single character followed by pressing <enter>, which will cause a newline character to be placed in the stdin buffer following the character entered. The grader will NOT enter more than one character before pressing <enter>.
    • Hint: Whenever the user is asked for ANY input, not just for a menu response, the user has to type his answer followed by <enter>. Since this newline character is a character, and your menus use single characters as input, you will have to remove that newline character from stdin so that it isn't in the buffer for your menu to read.

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Thursday, 03-Nov-2005 10:13:33 EST