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Project Submission

Projects are submitted electronically using the submit command. The general form of the submit command is

submit cs201 <ProjectName> <Files>
where ProjectName is "Proj1", "Proj2", "Proj3", etc. (without the quotes) and Files is a list of files to be submitted for grading.
You can practice using the submit command by trying Project 0 .
Projects may be submitted as often as you like prior to the final deadline. Only the last project you submit will be graded. The latest date and time of any file you submit will be used to determine if late penalties are deducted.

You can verify that your files were submitted by using the submitls command. The general form of the submitls command is

submitls cs201 <ProjectName>

For more information, see the UCS project submission system web page.

Important Warning

The UMBC Unix system runs two different versions of UNIX. The system known as linux1 and linux2 runs the version of UNIX called LINUX. The systems known as irix1 and irix2 run the version of UNIX called IRIX.

ALL PROJECTS must compile and execute on linux1 and linux2.
DO NOT develop your projects on the irix machines -- if your project will not compile on linux1/2 you will recieve no credit.

Project Grading

After the final deadline for submitting a project, your project will be graded according to four criteria
  1. Design
  2. Documentation
  3. Correctness
  4. Style
After all projects are graded, you will recieve an e-mail from the "grades keeper". A grade form will be attached to the email. The grade form details the point deductions and penalties for your project. The following penalties apply to all projects.
  1. Late penalties
  2. 5 points for compiler or linker warnings
  3. 50 points for compiler errors
  4. 10 points for a run-time error after your program produces complete output
  5. 25 points for any other run-time error
These guidelines are for projects where a good effort was made. Garbage will receive 0%.

All projects are eligible for extra credit at the discretion of the grader based on

  1. outstanding documentation
  2. efficient or clever algorithm
  3. outstanding design
You may turn in incomplete projects for grading. Late penalties apply as usual.

Project Policy - Academic Integrity

All projects must be completed by your own individual effort. You should never have a copy of someone else's project either on paper or electronically under any circumstance. Also, you should never give a copy of your project, either on paper or electronically, to another student. This also means that you cannot "work" on the project together. Cases of academic dishonesty will be dealt with severely.

If you need help with your project, see your instructor, any of the TAs , the Computer Science Help Center or tutors provided by the Learning Resource Center. You may NOT ask another student (whether they are taking CMSC201 or not) or anyone else for help.

Getting help from anyone other than your instructor, a TA, the Help Center or LRC tutor is forbidden Having someone else's project in your possession, even briefly, is dishonest.

We will be using special software to check for cheating. The software is quite sophisticated and has "surprised" some students in the past. We will, of course, not release the details of the internal workings of this cheat-checking software, but you are forewarned that there is no difficulty in comparing every pair of submitted projects --- even for projects submitted to other sections of this course.

Your project will be checked for similarities with all other student projects. If your project is found to be "substantially similar" to that of another student, both you and the other student will receive a grade of 0 for that project. Furthermore, all parties concerned will have their prior projects checked for cheating. A second incident will result in a grade of 'F' for the semester.

Any act of dishonesty may be reported to the University's Academic Misconduct Committee for further action. Egregious cases of cheating will be written up as a "more serious" infraction. In this case, you will not be allowed to drop the course. Also, a "more serious" infraction would appear as a permanent part of your student record and would be seen by potential employers when they ask for an official copy of your transcript.

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