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CMSC 201 Programming Projects

  • Required CS201 C Coding Standards

  • Acceptable CS201 indentation styles

  • Information on the grading of project design

  • Sample Grading Form

  • See the Project Submission and Grading Policy which includes Important Warning about developing your projects


  • Project Descriptions

    • Project Zero

      - Sample Submit
    • Project One - Dates

    • Project Two - Connect 4

    • Project Three - My Summer Vacation

    • Project Four - A Concordance

    • Project Five - Meals

        Important Announcement
        The original food.dat file inadvertently had some lines which ended with both a carriage return AND a line-feed character (MS-DOS style) which may have caused you a problem, depending on which function (fgets, fscanf, etc) you used to read the file. food.dat has been modified so that each line ends with only the newline character.

        If you have copied food.dat prior to 3:30pm 11/30/00, you should copy it again to make sure you have the latest version of the file.

        Files used for testing your code will have lines which end with a newline character only

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    Thursday, 30-Nov-2000 15:33:47 EST