Summer 1999 CS 691X UNIX System Administration


The class meets TTh 1-3:20pm, in ECS 237. The class is scheduled to run for eight weeks.

Each monitor in the lab must be powered off or set on a screen saver at the end of each class. Please turn them off for the weekend.




Course Outline

This course is scheduled to run for eight weeks, two sessions per week. So the sessions are numbered 1-16 in the list below.
  1. May 25
  2. May 27
  3. June 1


The group and/or individual projects.

Useful Links

Microsoft's Powerpoint Viewer for Windows 95/98 and NT

The following XF86Config file seems to work well for the machines in the lab ECS 237. This file should be placed in the directory /etc/X11.

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