Summer 1998 CS 691X UNIX System Administration

News Flashes

We'll use this space to post late-breaking announcements!

  • June 16, 1998
    For an interesting, and highly readable perspective on Linux and NT, take a look at Ellen Ullman's article The dumbing-down of programming
  • June 8, 1998
    I've made some additional adjustments to the chapter presentation schedule.
  • June 3, 1998
    I've made some corrections to the list of people and chapter presentations. If I've left you off the list, please let me know. Every student is expected to do a chapter presentation, as a team member or on your own, whatever you wish.
  • Each monitor in the lab must be powered off or set on a screen saver at the end of each class. Please turn them off for the weekend.
  • Logistics

    The class meets MW 1-3:20pm, in ECS 237. The class is scheduled for run for eight weeks.


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    Course Outline


    Each student was required to participate in an individual or team project of their choosing. Each team had to do a demo, and prepare a short project writeup

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