Information for Students in Section 0201

In order to help part time students complete coursework in time, the UMBC CSEE department will provide a hybrid offering of CMSC621 in Spring 2005. It will include section 0101, which will meet at regularly scheduled hours, and section 0201 which will meet "virtually". This section is meant only for part time students who cannot attend Section 0101. The lectures given in section 0101 will be taped, and made available via streaming video within 24 hours. Both sections of the class will use the course management features of the blackboard system such as online discussion groups and online assignment submission. Students in this section will be expected to take the midterm and final exams with Section 0101. The midterm will be in class, and the final will be at the regular time determined by the registrar for section 0101. The students will also need to meet with the instructor to demostrate the final project at some mutually agreed time. Other than that no further presence on campus is required of students in this section. Please note that students in full time status are NOT eligible to sign up for this section.