CS 691J - Spring '96

Topics in Object-Oriented Technology

When: Friday 9:00-11.30AM
Where: ACIV 006
Instructors: Enrico Gobbetti and Charles Nicholas

Course Description

The course will provide an in-depth treatment of object-oriented software development, including analysis, design, and programming. The focus will be on the construction of correct, reusable, and efficient software through a systematic application of design by contract. One important design method will be presented in detail, different programming paradigms will be contrasted, and several object-oriented languages (including C++, Eiffel, and Java) will be analyzed.

Individual programming projects and a group design project are planned. Students will also be expected to make in-class presentations on selected topics.


The primary text is "Object-oriented Software Construction", by Bertrand Meyer. This book is now available in the UMBC bookstore.


CS 341 and graduate standing, or consent of instructor.
Knowledge of an object-oriented lamguage would be helpful, but not necessary.

Course Information

  • Syllabus
  • Group design projects
  • Special topics
  • Suggested readings
  • Enrico's slides
  • Programming environment documentation
  • Web resources on object-oriented technology

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