UMBC CMSC 491/691 Fall 2022
Knowledge Graphs

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Knowledge Graph News

CMSC 491/691 is a special topics course offered at UMBC in the Fall of 2022 It meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:45pm in Engineering 022. It is available to advanced undergraduates and graduate students. The course will cover the topic of graph databases and knowledge graphs with a focus on Semantic Web technologies, provide an overview of the underlying theory and technology, cover existing tools and practices, and highlight current and potential applications.

Graph databases are databases that uses a graph structure to represent and store data. We will use the term knowledge graph for graph databases with rich semantic schemas that typically define an ontology or taxonomy of types, properties and relations. More sophisticated knowledge graphs can include semantic constraints and rules that allow systems to infer new information. Knowledge graphs can be very large, like Wikidata (~1B edges and 100M nodes) and the Google Knowledge Graph (size unknown) or small, like a graph you might build with data for a research project.

For more information on the class, see the syllabus and schedule.