CMSC 671: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2010

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671 Mailing List

The cps-cmsc671 mailing list will be the official news channel for the course.

You should subscribe to the class mailing list by visiting and searching for the list "cps-cmsc671". Class announcements, hints, and discussion of assignments will be posted on this list.

You can also send messages to the list to ask questions to your fellow students and/or professor.

General questions (i.e., anything that another student may also be wondering about) should be sent to the list, so that everyone will be able to benefit from the answers. Students are welcome to post answers to questions, even if the questions were directed at the instructor. However, the academic integrity policy must be strictly adhered to. Clarifications of homework questions and pointers to useful resources are fine; answers (or even hints at answers) to homework questions are not. When in doubt, ask the professor.

Individual concerns, requests for extensions, questions about individual grades, and the like should be sent directly to the instructor.

Homeworks can be submited by email or in paper to Prof. Zavala after the class. If emailed, please send them to