UMBC CMSC631 -- Fall 2002

Principles of Programming Languages

Section 0101

Instructor:  Professor Charles Nicholas
Office:       ECS 211
Phone:      410-455-2594

Days/time: T Th 2:30-3:45
Classroom: UC 310


Minor changes to this list, e.g. the exact dates when topics will be started, may be made.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course include:


We'll be reading a number of papers from the literature. The Resource List.

Homework - see the FALL 2002 Semester page

Grading Policy

The midterm will count 15%, and the final will count 20%. The student presentations will count 10%. The remaining 55% will be divided among the phases of the semester programming project. 

Academic Honesty

Academic misconduct will not be tolerated. Any work that you submit for credit is to be your work. For homework and programming projects, general discussion with your classmates regarding project requirements or the approach to be taken is permitted. The solutions must be yours. Electronic submission of programming assignments may be required, and software that measures similarity between submitted projects will be used. Possible penalites for misconduct will include zero points on that assignment (homework or project), reduction in the final grade for the course, or an "F" in the course.

If you aren't sure if a specific action constitutes misconduct, ask me first.

Office Hours

I will be available for questions after class, from 4-5pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. At other times, if I'm in my office, I'll answer your questions or we can agree on some other time to meet.