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Multi-agent systems, Internet & applications

A HICSS-33 Software Technology Minitrack

Jan 4-7, 2000 -- Maui, Hawaii

The distributed, large-scale, and dynamic nature of the Internet has created the need for new technologies that will allow users and application developers to harness its potential. This is especially so in emerging applications areas such as electronic commerce, virtual enterprises, component-based software  & networked computing, and network management. Of late, multiagent approaches, which let disparate agents with differing capabilities ineteract to solve some problem,  have been proposed as the technology which can help harness the potential of the internet. Such approaches typically allow for scalability, permit software reuse, handle software evolution and promote open systems. This minitrack will focus of multiagent systems as they apply to the internet infrastructure in general, and to networked computing, electronic commerce, and internet-based applications in particular.

For more information, see the workshop web site at http://www.cs.umbc.edu/hicss33mas or contact one of the workshop organizers. [an error occurred while processing this directive]