Originally from Westminster, Maryland, Patrick received his Bachelor's degrees in Computer Engineering and Mathematics from UMBC. Now, Patrick is pursuing his Master's in Electrical Engineering. When he's not studying, Patrick likes to mix drinks, relax, find new bands, memorize a math theorm, and get into trouble.


About Patrick…

When did you know you wanted to study Electrical Engineering?

I’ve always been fascinated with electricity. I wanted to learn everything about electric circuits. While taking my undergraduate courses, my interests slowly evolved into communications and the mathematics associated with communications theory.

What are you researching for your thesis?

I don’t know yet, but whatever it is, it will be very good.

Are you part of any labs, clubs or organizations on campus?

I’m currently working in Dr. Adali’s lab working on complex elliptical distributions. I’m also in a fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, but I go to the meetings irregularly now that I’m an alumni.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to work for about 20-30 years and then pursue a PhD, or just go straight for the PhD.

What is your dream job?

A jet-setting playboy who people call to solve complicated and difficult problems.



What was your first impression of UMBC?

Well, I moved in with a bunch of guys that were in a fraternity. So I guess never ending fun would be my first impression.

Why did you choose UMBC?

Because it was the closest college to my family and it has a good reputation for technology based programs.

What was your first Electrical Engineering course?

Undergraduate: CMSC201. It was a C programming course, I already knew C.
Graduate: ENEE601 Linear systems and ENEE622 Information theory. 

What was your favorite Electrical Engineering Course?

So far I’m really enjoying Information Theory. It is a course about how to represent information in the clearest, most efficient way. 

How would you describe the professors in the department?

Extremely smart.

What advice would you give to incoming graduate students?

Everybody in the department is pretty cool. Get to know them.